A Nevada high school student was prevented from starting a pro-life club at her school, and now she's turning her anger into action by suing the school district.

Angelique Clark, a rising junior at West Career and Technical Academy in Las Vegas, claims she is being denied her right to free speech, while school administrators claim the club is too controversial and exclusive.

On "Fox and Friends Weekend" this morning, Angelique revealed that her school already has a Bible club, a Gay-Straight Alliance club and multiple other student groups, so she believes she has the right to start a pro-life club.

Angelique said she wants to organize the group because she's a passionate pro-lifer who wants to educate other people about the real facts behind abortion.

"It's not just a choice. It's something that affects a lot of people in a very negative way," Angelique said.

She added that the lawsuit was submitted several days ago. Now, she's just waiting for the administration to reply.

Watch the "Fox and Friends Weekend" clip above.

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