A 19-year-old jet skier is alive and recovering after he spent a night clinging to a buoy off the coast of New Jersey.

Dylan Gowan found himself stranded at sea on his way from New York to New Jersey when his WaveRunner began to take on water. The teen took off his life jacket, which was making it harder to swim, and he started to head to shore. The current was too strong, so he stopped at a crabbing buoy before making his way to a light tower.

Gowan said he prayed and wished on four or five shooting stars overnight.

"I've got more to live for than dying on a buoy,” he said.

The U.S. Coast Guard, which had been looking for Gowan overnight, finally spotted the teen as he swam back to shore the next morning.

“I had a smile on me from ear to ear as soon as I saw that boat,” Gowan said.

Gowan said that he can’t thank the “amazing” Coast Guard enough for rescuing him.

He’s being treated for hypothermia and dehydration.

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