Two Texas police officers of different races have shared a powerful response to the Black Lives Matter movement.

The Trinity Police Department shared a moving photo of Chief Steven Jones and Officer Donald Givens, which has gone viral across social media. Both officers had the words “his life matters” written on their palms, with arrows pointing to one another.

Officer Givens said this morning on “Fox and Friends” that they’re amazed by the reaction that the photo has received. He said that it shows that the voices of their small community are heard around the nation.

The officer added that race doesn’t matter in law enforcement. What matters is “if you live Christian values … and you live morally,” Officer Givens said.

Officer Givens called for the nation to come together and move forward.

“We can’t stand behind officers that do bad things,” Chief Jones said. “However, the community and the nation can’t condemn every single officer just on the actions of a few.”

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