A Canadian candidate for parliament has released an ad that’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

In the strange video, Wyatt Scott flies on a Canadian goose as he declares, “I’m an independent candidate, and I’m here to fight for Canada!”

From there, he jumps off the goose and takes out a dragon with his sword.

Scott also fist-bumps an alien and shoots lasers from his eyes to obliterate a robot.

“This is what we thought we could get away with without pushing the envelope too much,” he told The Guardian.

Scott said on "Fox and Friends" that his top priority was to get people's attention so that he could get his message across.

When asked whether he was concerned that he wouldn't be taken seriously, he said, "How many people really take any politician seriously nowadays?"

Scott said he has "a real, honest shot" at winning the election.

Watch the bizarre video above, and check out his "Fox and Friends" interview below.

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