Bill O'Reilly called in to "The Factor" tonight to react to the latest developments in Hillary Clinton's email scandal.

O'Reilly told guest host Eric Bolling that it will take a long time for the FBI to run forensics on Clinton's private server, so the public will be in the dark for much of the 2016 campaign.

He said that Clinton will likely maintain to the very end that she had no idea that there were classified emails on the server.

"However, if there are some emails that are embarrassing to her - for example, 'Don't tell anybody about Benghazi, don't tell anybody this, don't tell anybody that' - she's through. Then she's done," O'Reilly said.

"People are starting to convict the woman. I wouldn't do that. I would just say this is a victory for justice. Obviously, we should know when a secretary of state violates protocol - which she absolutely did - why she was violating it. If she's innocent, that will come out. If she's not innocent, that should come out too."

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