Donald Trump said on "Hannity" tonight that President Obama's foreign policy and his entire presidency have both been disasters.

Trump said that he's an expert negotiator who would be better able to talk to countries like Russia and Iran.

"You've got to get along with these people. Obama doesn't get along with anybody. We have all enemies," Trump said, adding that Hillary Clinton is also to blame, as she was the worst secretary of state in U.S. history.

"Obama has been a disaster. Who does he get along with? He doesn't get along with anybody," Trump stated.

As for the fallout from the nuclear agreement with Iran, Trump said that if Iran was a stock, it's a good time to buy, since they just got the better end of that deal.

Trump said the worst part of the agreement is that even if it isn't approved, Iran will still get $150 billion.

"We have to stop this deal from happening."

Watch more from the "Hannity" interview above.

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