Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush told Greta Van Susteren tonight that not only is President Obama to blame for the rise of ISIS, he still has no strategy to deal with the terror group.

"This president can't even call it for what it is," Bush said. "I've never heard him call it 'Islamic terrorism.'"

He pointed out that ISIS is stronger and more widespread today than a year ago, and it's Obama's minimalist, reactive approach that allowed them to grow.

"They're barbarians. They want to destroy Western civilization. And they're Islamic terrorists, and we should call it for what it is, and have a strategy to deal with it," Bush stated.

He added that the rise of ISIS is President Obama's doing, since he pulled U.S. troops out of Iraq.

"He's leaving a world with more insecurity than when he got there, a world with greater dangers than when he got there. And the next president's going to have to contend with it."

Watch the "On The Record" clip above and see more of Greta's interview with Bush below.

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