There are stunning new claims from the defense attorneys representing the six police officers charged in the death of Freddie Gray.

The defense claims that detectives discovered Gray had a history of participating in "crash-for-cash" schemes - in which people hurt themselves to collect settlements - but the prosecutors steered them away from sharing that information with the defense.

Trace Gallagher reported on "The Kelly File" that the defense claims that Assistant State's Attorney Janice Bledsoe told detectives not to do the defense attorneys' jobs for them.

Gallagher explained that the defense attorneys wrote in a motion, "The statement to investigators 'not do the defense attorneys' jobs for them' would seem to indicate some level of knowledge that exculpatory evidence exists which could benefit the officers charged in Mr. Gray's death and that the prosecutor did not want this information uncovered by investigators."

Gallagher said that prosecutors claim that the defense is simply using this information to sway the jury pool and try the case in the media.

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