A U.S. official says the FBI has taken possession of Hillary Clinton's emails, two of which have been deemed to contain classified information.

Inspector General of the Intelligence Community I. Charles McCullough III said he has concluded that two of Clinton’s emails met the standard of "top secret," while other messages are still being scrutinized to see how secret they should have been.

On "Special Report," Charles Krauthammer said that at some point in this process, the government will likely have to seize Clinton's private servers or what is left of them.

"Everything is going to hinge on that," he said.

Krauthammer added that Clinton's main political weakness is her untrustworthiness.

"Nothing she says ever is true three weeks later," Krauthammer said. "There's always a movement, a parsing, a cutting of the edges with her husband and herself. And that is the problem that dogs her and she cannot escape."

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