Republican presidential candidate Rand Paul said on "The O'Reilly Factor" tonight that Hillary Clinton has not shown the wisdom or decision-making to be president.

The Kentucky senator pointed to both the Benghazi terror attack and the controversy surrounding Clinton's private email server as examples of her terrible judgment.

"I think this really goes to the heart of the matter of whether or not she'll be a good commander-in-chief, whether or not we want to give her that responsibility," Paul said, adding that shadowy donations to the Clinton Foundation should also be investigated.

He pointed out that Clinton approved the sale of a uranium company to Russia, while her husband was giving speeches to the bank that was brokering the deal, collecting a fee of $750,000.

"This really should be investigated as to really whether or not she broke laws and whether or not Bill Clinton broke laws," Paul said.

Watch more from the "Factor" interview above.

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