Judge Andrew Napolitano appeared on "The Kelly File" tonight to react to Hillary Clinton signing a statement over the weekend declaring “under penalty of perjury” that she has turned over to the government all of her emails that were federal records.

He explained that when a judge uses the phrase "under penalty of perjury" that means that he or she is basically saying, "I don't believe you."

Judge Napolitano added that the key part of the statement Clinton signed is "all" copies of the emails.

"What does that mean?" Judge Napolitano said. "She no longer has the server. And if she no longer has the server, where is it? Did she knowingly rid herself of the server? And if she still has the server, then her statement violates the law because it's untruthful, because the server has copies of the emails on it, and she didn't turn over 'all' the copies of the emails."

Get more insight from Judge Napolitano in the clip above.

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