Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina appeared on "The Kelly File" tonight and reacted to the unrest in Ferguson.

Fiorina said it's a dangerous and tragic situation. She said that the community is right to have grievances with law enforcement, but the police clearly had to take action last night.

She said people need to remember the example of Charleston, where people found a way to work towards resolution in a peaceful way in the wake of a terrible tragedy.

Do "black lives matter" or to "all lives matter"? Megyn asked.

"First of all, of course all lives matter," Fiorina said. "Secondly, black lives have been diminished under Democratic policies. That's just true."

She said that African American youth unemployment is up under President Obama, struggling communities have had increased levels of poverty and the education policies of liberals hurt poor families.

"We also know, by the way, that the abortion industry targets African American communities."

Watch more from Fiorina on "The Kelly File" above.

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