Dr. Ben Carson was on “The Kelly File” last night, where he assessed his debate performance and reacted to Donald Trump’s refusal to pledge support for the eventual Republican nominee.

Carson said he was “very pleased” with his performance at Thursday’s Fox News-Facebook prime-time debate, and he added that he thought the other nine candidates did pretty well.

“I was a little bit taken aback by the sharp exchange between Gov. Christie and Sen. Paul, that was a little surprising,” Carson said, adding that fellow Republican candidates shouldn’t be trying to tear each other down.

Carson, who’s a relative newcomer to the political scene, said that the debate was good training and that he’ll be even more ready for the next one.

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“In the meantime, I’m hoping more people will begin to ask me about foreign policy and about economic policy, not just about medical things and just about racial things,” he said.

Carson told Megyn Kelly that he has been studying up on foreign policy by engaging in many deep discussions with experts.

“Some people like to think that this is something you can only acquire after years and years of political experience, but, you know, I hate to bust their bubble, but it really is not that tough to acquire this information,” he said.

Carson also reacted to Donald Trump’s statements about launching a third-party campaign if he doesn’t secure the Republican nomination.

“I am very hopeful that he will reconsider that and recognize that if he decides to run a third-party campaign, he basically will be giving the election to the progressives who will get two or three Supreme Court picks, and his empire will collapse,” he said.

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