The "Outnumbered" panel was in agreement this afternoon that former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush had an underwhelming night at the primetime GOP debate.

Andrea Tantaros said that it looked like Bush was "playing not to lose" and appeared "nervous" when giving his answers.

At one point, Bush was asked about "dynastic politics" and Americans' concerns about electing another Bush to the White House. 

“Maybe the bar is even higher for me. That's fine. I've got a record in Florida and I'm proud of my dad and I'm certainly proud of my brother. In Florida, they call me 'Jeb,' because I earned it," Bush responded. 

Tantaros said he wasn't sure what that meant. 

"They call me 'Dre' on the Upper West Side of Manhattan and I earned it?" she joked. 

Eric Bolling countered that Bush may have been content to stay under the radar and avoid being part of the discussion. He explained that Bush is second in the polls and if Donald Trump falters, he could rise to the top. 

Bolling noted that a month ago, a lot of the candidates would have been targeting Bush for criticism until Trump entered the race. 

Jedediah Bila said the winners yesterday were Carly Fiorina and Marco Rubio, and right now she'd have concerns about putting Jeb Bush up against Hillary Clinton. 

"He looked uncomfortable. He looked like somebody that I would be worried about putting into a debate format with a Hillary Clinton," she said.

Tantaros said she thought Bush "mangled" his answer on the Iraq War again. 

Watch the full discussion above and let us know your thoughts on Bush's performance at the debate. 

Plus, hear from Jeb Bush today at 4:00p ET on "Your World."