Jeb Bush spoke exclusively this afternoon to Neil Cavuto, answering the critics who have said he gave an underwhelming performance at Thursday night's Republican debate.

Tantaros: 'Jeb Bush Was Playing Not to Lose' at GOP Debate

A New York Times columnist wrote this morning that Bush, along with Donald Trump, were definitely not among the winners of the debate.

Bush disagreed, saying he believes he had a "great" night and got to talk about the important issues, like immigration and education. 

"I thought it went fine," he said. 

Cavuto asked whether Bush was a little "rusty," since he had not taken part in a debate in more than a decade. 

Bush said it's not about electing a "great talker," adding that he sees himself as a "doer." 

When it comes down to forging consensus to solve big problems, Bush said he believes he's going to emerge as the best choice. 

"When the conversation gets to that, I think you're looking at the next President of the United States," said Bush. 

On the question of Donald Trump's presence in the race, Bush said the debate showed that Trump does not have a lot of "specific" plans. 

Bush likened Trump to Barack Obama as president, saying both use language that divides people. 

"All [President Obama] does is push people that don't agree with him down to make his side look better. And the divide makes it hard to solve problems. I don't think we're gonna win that way."

He criticized Trump for focusing on "how bad things are" instead of telling people how their lives will be better.