Gretchen Carlson welcomed body language expert Tonya Reiman to "The Real Story" today to analyze the candidates' beneath-the-surface movements and gestures at last night's GOP Debate

She gave us a riveting breakdown of some of the things you probably did not notice. 

On Donald Trump

Reiman said Trump's "erratic" hand movements and finger-pointing are a sign of conceit and arrogance.

"He doesn't come across as a very presidential candidate," she said, adding that it's best for a presidential candidate to stick to "controlled gestures."


On Rand Paul

Reiman took a look at the heated exchange between Paul and Chris Christie on NSA surveillance. 

She said when Paul smirked and looked down, it was a show of disrespect, as if he was subconsciously saying "I don't want to be bothered."

Reiman said that Paul actually displayed an "angry demeanor" throughout the debate and was one of the losers. 


On Jeb Bush

Reiman said she picked up on some things during Bush's answer to a key question on the Iraq War.

She explained that he displayed nervousness by putting a hand in his pocket and then also used his non-dominant hand while answering.

Reiman said that if someone uses their non-dominant hand to make a point, it's an indicator of a "lack of conviction."


On Ben Carson

Reiman praised Carson for what he said and for using humor, but explained that he lost points because of "beta movements" with his hands. 

She highlighted the fact that Carson often made his remarks with his palms turned upward. 

"That's considered like more of a submissive, beta position. You need to learn to do both. He needed to take his words, which were charismatic, and then put them together with more dominant, positive movements so that he came across as more powerful and more alpha," said Reiman.

On Marco Rubio

Reiman felt that Rubio was the winner of the debate because he was "fluid" in his movements, and ended up coming across as "strong and dominant."

She acknowledged that one knock on Rubio is that he looks young, but said there are "ways to address that."

Watch her full analysis above.

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