In a new video, media analyst Mark Dice asked Hillary Clinton supporters in San Diego whether they would support a repeal of the Bill of Rights.

He got some pretty disturbing responses.

Dice said he wanted to see if anyone would challenge him when he told them that Clinton wants to "repeal the Bill of Rights to help the New World Order."

One woman answered that "you can't have the rules of yesteryear now" because so much has "changed."

Dice, whose YouTube channel has more than 130 million views, explained the experience on "Fox and Friends" this morning. 

He said it was "astounding" to see such blind support for Clinton and ignorance about the basic freedoms that America was founded upon. 

"I just used the buzzwords, "Do you support Hillary?" and then apparently their brain would just shut off," said Dice.

He said he wanted to see whether self-professed Clinton supporters would show the same "blind support" that he has seen from Obama supporters over the years.

Watch the interview above, and Dice's viral video below.