The Fox News-Facebook Republican presidential debate is underway, live from Cleveland, Ohio.

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To all 10 debaters: Will you take a pledge to support the eventual GOP nominee and not run as a third-party candidate?


To Jeb Bush: Do you understand the real concern in this country about dynastic politics?


To Donald Trump: How do you explain the comments you've made about women and does that show a presidential temperament?


To Scott Walker: How do you explain changing your position on comprehensive immigration reform?


Rand Paul, Chris Christie clash over NSA, Bill of Rights


To Ted Cruz: How would you destroy ISIS in 90 days?


To Ben Carson: If you're the Republican nominee, how will you take on Hillary Clinton?


Wallace challenges Trump for evidence that the Mexican government is sending rapists and drug dealers over the border.

Trump says that if it wasn't for his candidacy, illegal immigration wouldn't even be an issue right now.


Bush denies calling Trump a "buffoon," "clown" and "a**hole"


Megyn Kelly asks Donald Trump: When did you actually become a Republican?


Rand Paul reacts to the Supreme Court's decision on gay marriage: "I don't want my marriage or my guns registered in Washington"


Mike Huckabee: The U.S. Military 'Is Not a Social Experiment'


Ben Carson: Time for Our Country to Move Beyond Race.

Twitter Reaction: Who Won the First GOP Debate?

Krauthammer: Carly Fiorina Won the Debate Going Away

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