After a heated debate earlier this week about Donald Trump, Frank Luntz's New Hampshire focus group turned their attention to Chris Christie and Scott Walker. 

Many of these Republican voters expressed anger at Christie for his embrace, what some labeled as a "hug," of President Obama after Superstorm Sandy rocked New Jersey. 

Christie has defended his decision to welcome Obama to the state and appear alongside the president right before the 2012 election. He has said that the storm damage required him to put politics aside. 

"It's just a hug," Luntz said to the group, but they were not convinced. 

"I can't get the picture out of my mind ... when he just cuddled right up to him," a woman said. 

"There's multiple pictures on different visits where he's sitting there, full embrace. Shake his hand!" another woman said. 

Others described Christie, who has campaigned heavily in New Hampshire recently, as condescending and arrogant. 

Luntz said Christie is doing "incredibly well" in terms of voters' instant reactions to his "say what you mean, mean what you say" rhetoric. 

But he noted that Christie gets low marks when voters are asked what they think of the New Jersey governor. 

"They love what they hear from him, but they're still deeply mad at him," said Luntz.

Luntz said too often, the audience feels like Christie is "yelling" at them when he makes his points.

Watch the full segment below including their views on Gov. Walker.

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