A massive manhunt is underway for a suspect accused of murder, kidnapping, and engaging in a shootout with police in California.

The suspect has managed to elude capture for days, even escaping a close encounter with authorities this weekend.

Police say the suspect, described as a white man in his 30s with blue eyes, brown hair, and glasses, has been on the run since last week. They say he kidnapped three men at a Bakersfield cabin on Tuesday, though the men were able to escape.

Two days later, a retired dentist was found murdered in a cabin just 10 miles away.

Saturday night, as authorities closed in on a trailer, the suspect wounded two deputies in a shootout. One was hit in both arms, and the other was struck in the side of the head. Both deputies are expected to be OK.

Roughly 100 federal, state and local officers are involved in the manhunt. They’re using ATVs, K-9s, and choppers to track the suspect. Authorities believe they’ve contained the suspect to 5 square miles, but it’s a remote area with a mix of mountains, desert, canyons and creeks. They say there are also plenty of storm drains, caves and cabins where the suspect can hide.

Watch William La Jeunesse’s report above.

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