Donald Trump has certainly made an impression on one 92-year-old woman, who says she has registered to vote for the first time.

Beada Corum, of Knoxville, Tenn., recently registered to vote because she says she wants Trump to be the next President of the United States.

"We got a good country but it's going downhill so fast and we need somebody in there who can straighten it out," she told WVLT.

Corum said that she hasn’t previously voted for president because she hadn't felt passionately about a particular candidate. She added that she has prayed that she’ll vote for the right person for the job.

“When you pray with all your heart, it won't go void,” she told WVLT.

Corum joined Trish Regan this afternoon by phone, telling the Fox Business host that Trump is a candidate who speaks out and stands up.

“He means what he says,” she told Regan.

Then, Trump called in to tell Corum what an honor it is to have her support.

“She sounds so smart, if she were running for office, I would be voting for her too," he said of his 92-year-old supporter.

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