The American Civil Liberties Union has released a disturbing new video which purports to show a Kentucky sheriff handcuffing a crying 8-year-old boy who has ADHD.

Kenton County Deputy Sheriff Kevin Sumner, who was working as a school resource officer, is accused of handcuffing an 8-year-old boy and a 9-year-old girl who both have disabilities. The ACLU has filed a lawsuit on behalf of both children, accusing Sumner of violating the Americans with Disabilities Act.

In the video, Kenton County Deputy Sheriff Kevin Sumner can be heard saying, “You can’t swing at me like that, you can do what we’ve asked you to or you can suffer the consequences.”

“Ow, that hurts,” the little boy says in the shocking footage.

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“Now sit down in the chair like I’ve asked you to,” Sumner says.

The ACLU alleges that Sumner restrained the boy for about 15 minutes. The little boy has ADHD and a history of trauma, according to the ACLU.

The lawsuit alleges that the two students “experienced pain, fear, and emotional trauma, and an exacerbation of their disabilities.”

Sumner's lawyer Robert Sanders told the Middlesboro Daily News, “Kevin Sumner is one of the best and most highly trained school resource officers in Kentucky. He’s a teacher who left that profession to become a police officer. He’s totally devoted to kids and schools and education. I predict after a whole lot of hoopla this will go away and vindicate officer Sumner.”

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