Rick Leventhal reported live today from a New Jersey courthouse, where a terror suspect is accused of murdering a teenager as payback for United States foreign policy.

Brendan Tevlin, 19, was murdered last year in cold blood while he was stopped at a traffic light in West Orange, New Jersey.

He was home for the summer from the University of Richmond, driving his grandfather's SUV to visit a friend when the crime occurred.

Prosecutors say Ali Muhammad Brown, 30, chose the teen at random as part of a killing spree that had begun in Seattle with the murders of three other men. 

Prosecutors allege that Brown and two other men pulled up behind Tevlin at the red light. Brown then got out of the vehicle, walked up to the SUV and opened fire on Tevlin. 

The other men fled, but Brown allegedly got into the car with Tevlin and drove it to an apartment complex, where Tevlin's body was found. He was arrested more than a month later. 

Authorities described Brown as a devout Muslim who said he killed the men as retaliation for the deaths of innocent people in the Middle East by U.S. forces.

It's believed Brown intended to join the fight against the United States in the Middle East.

Brown will remain behind bars until his next court appearance in October. He has pleaded not guilty to nine charges, including terrorism and murder.

He faces other charges in Washington state for the three other murders. 

Tevlin's mother spoke outside the courthouse, saying the family is trying to carry on and keep remembering their son's motto: "good vibes and easy living."

Fox News legal analyst Arthur Aidala said on "Outnumbered" today that Brown will never see the light of day again, but is extremely unlikely to face the death penalty for the New Jersey murder. 

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