This robber picked the wrong church pastor to mess with. 

As Pastor Les Snodgress was finishing his sermon at The Door Christian Fellowship Church in Melbourne, Florida, a member of his flock whipped out a gun and put it to another parishioner's head.

Melbourne Police say that the suspect, John Grace, was also armed with a large kitchen knife at the time he demanded money from the church members.

Grace reportedly threatened to shoot the parishioners if they didn't pay. 

WOFL reported: 

"He threw on the ground some ties, some cable ties, and told my wife to start tying my children up," Pastor Snodgrass said. "I wasn’t going to put my family in a place where they were bound up and could not fight back. And, I had all the confidence in the world I could subdue this man. When I got about this close [two feet away], I dropped the mic, grabbed his shoulders and pinned him against the wall. I pushed him as hard as I could against the wall. And then, I put my forearm up to [his throat].”

That’s when the pastor’s 18-year-old son sprang into action.

“My son leapt across the church and began punching him in the head. He hit him once, hit him twice… the second hit, I felt his body loosen up and I managed to pull the gun out of his hand.”

That’s when Snodgrass realized the gun, which appeared to be a Sig Sauer pistol, was actually just a very real looking BB gun.

Grace is now facing charges for armed robbery.

A Brevard County judge ordered Grace to be held without bond at his first court appearance on Monday. 

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