An FDNY firefighter reportedly wound up in hot water after launching a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for a suspended colleague.  

Firefighter Anthony Henry of Engine 10 created the campaign on July 24 for Deputy Chief Paul Mannix to help cover the loss of his income from a 50-day unpaid suspension, the New York Post reported. 

Mannix, founder of Merit Matters - a firefighter group opposed to hiring quotas - was accused of leaking information about women and minorities reportedly getting special treatment despite a lack of qualifications. 

The Post reported that Henry was called into FDNY headquarters and "grilled about the fundraiser" that saw an estimated 660 people donate $41,588 in seven days. 

The FDNY, however, denies that Henry was even interviewed about the matter.

New Haven Fire Department Captain Frank Ricci, a friend of Mannix, said on "Fox and Friends" today that "this isn't a New York City issue, but an American issue."

"If you work hard in America, you can succeed and we need to have equal opportunity for everyone," Ricci stated. "The fire department and fire engineering, we’re very inclusive, but it doesn’t mean equal outcomes." 

"When someone calls 911, they don’t care whether a woman happens to show up at their house or someone who happens to be black or happens to be Hispanic," he added. "They just want to be sure that that person is competent to answer the call and that's all we're asking."

Watch the "Fox and Friends" video clip above.

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