Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby, the lead prosecutor in the Freddie Gray case, derailed a program to analyze Baltimore homicides, according to a report in The Baltimore Sun.

The report reveals that the city spent nearly $200,000 last year to launch the Homicide Review Commission. It was meant to bring together elected officials, police leaders, academics, public health officials and others to identify trends that lead to murders and how best to respond.

After promising collaboration with law enforcement, Mosby changed her mind and said that providing information on ongoing cases could compromise investigations or jeopardize the safety of victims and witnesses.

Katie Phang said "On The Record" tonight that Mosby rendered the program impotent and cut it off at the knees.

Greta Van Susteren said that the problem is not Mosby, it's the politicians in Baltimore who have taken millions of dollars in taxes from the community and the federal government, but have not solved any problems.

Ted Williams agreed and said it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that drugs, poverty, broken families and gang-related activity are major factors behind homicides in inner cities.

"Do they really not know?" Greta asked.

Watch the "On The Record" clip above.

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