Mark Steyn said on "Your World" today that Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign is fading fast, while Bernie Sanders, on the other hand, is gaining ground in the polls.

"Hillary, I think, is a terrible candidate," Steyn said. "She's got all the money, she's got all the cronies, but she herself is a stiff and a bore."

Steyn pointed to the large crowds that Sanders is currently drawing and the interest that his campaign is generating.

"He's a canny guy, he's a smart guy, he's an effective guy," Steyn said, adding if it comes down to debates, Sanders will thrash Clinton.

Steyn said that Clinton seems to re-launch her campaign every two weeks, yet it's deader than ever, and it's going nowhere.

"She's dull as hell. She's a bore, she's a stiff, and she's no good on the stump."

Watch the "Your World" interview above.

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