Following the discovery of a serious security flaw that allows hackers to break into General Motors’ OnStar system and take control of certain vehicle functions remotely, GM says it has a fix.

Elizabeth MacDonald explained on "The Real Story" that researcher Samy Kamchar created a homemade device he calls OwnStar, which enabled him to monitor and intercept communications between GM's OnStar app and any OnStar-equipped car.

MacDonald noted that Kamchar was able to unlock the doors of a Jeep Cherokee, turn on the lights, set off the alarm and even turn the engine on - everything but put the vehicle in gear and drive away.

"He couldn't drive away, but the fact that he could unlock the car, Gretchen, means people could go into those OnStar vehicles and steal things in your car," MacDonald said.

"Yes, GM has issued a fix for this, but when it comes to security fixes like this, they're often days in the making if not months away. So, you've just got to be careful about this, and you've got to make sure your manufacturer gets you that security patch for your system fast."

Watch more from "The Real Story" above and see Kamchar demonstrate how OwnStar works below.