A routine test drive turned into a terrifying ride for a California car salesman who was allegedly kidnapped by a customer.

Lehmer's Concord Buick GMC car salesman Christopher Reeves said the horrifying ordeal all began when a customer came into the Concord, Calif. dealership on Monday. First, the man test drove a Cadillac without incident. Then, he said he was interested in taking a $75,000 conversion van for a ride.

Reeves and the customer went out for a drive in the van, even stopping at the man’s house and showing the vehicle to his family. But Reeves said that once they hopped back on the freeway, the customer turned to him and told him, “This is a robbery.”

Reeves said that he initially thought the man was joking, prompting the suspect to grab Reeves’ shirt and slam him against the window.

The suspect drove 90 mph on the freeway, even sideswiping another car, Reeves recalled. He got off the freeway but didn’t stop the car, repeatedly running red lights instead.

“I was just holding on for my life, basically,” Reeves said.

The suspect eventually came to a stop, which allowed Reeves to flee the vehicle and call his boss.

The dealership had the suspect’s driver’s license, and the car contained a tracking a device, which allowed police to track down the suspect and the stolen vehicle.

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