Despite attacks from the mainstream media, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump continues to surge in the polls.

Trump leads in a new Reuters/Ipsos poll with 25 percent, which is more than double Jeb Bush, who came in second with 12 percent.

A new Quinnipiac University poll has Trump leading the pack with 20 percent, compared to Scott Walker's 13 percent.

Sean Hannity said tonight that he agrees with Mary Matalin's assertion that other Republican candidates should learn from Trump.

"I want to see that level of energy, I want to see the scripts get thrown to the side a little bit, I want to see some genuine passion about getting the country back on the right track," Hannity said. "That boldness needs to be there if the Republicans want to win."

"I think he could be a great leader, because he's inspiring a lot of people, and especially people, including me, who are tired of Republicans being weak. I'm so sick of it."

Watch the "Hannity" clip above.

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