Archaeologists have uncovered the remains of four of the earliest leaders of Jamestown, the English colony that would become America.

On "Happening Now" today, Jenna Lee spoke to Dr. William Kelso, the Director of Research and Interpretation for the Jamestown Rediscovery Team.

Kelso explained that the four burial sites were discovered after 400 years in the floor of what's left of Jamestown's historic Anglican church.

Kelso revealed that his team identified the remains of Rev. Robert Hunt, Jamestown's first Anglican minister, Capt. Gabriel Archer, who was buried with a small silver box containing human bone fragments and a container for holy water, Sir Ferdinando Wainman, thought to be the first knight buried in America, and Capt. William West, who died in a fight with Native Americans.

Kelso said that life in Jamestown was extremely difficult, and had the colony failed, America would be very different today.

"Every day, they were living on the edge," Kelso said. "The death rate was just incredible at first. But they overcame that, they stuck with it, the idea of establishing this colony in their New World."

Learn more about this fascinating discovery in the "Happening Now" video above and view some amazing photos below.

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