It appears that tenants at a luxury high-rise in Houston aren't the only ones with a massive snake problem.

A nearly 15-foot-long, 160-pound Burmese python was terrorizing Missouri's Warren County, about 50 miles west of St. Louis.

The snake was first seen over the weekend when it went after a man’s poodle. Other neighbors reported two dogs and three chickens vanishing.

Pauline Horstdaniel told KTVI that her dog woke her up with intense barking around 2:30 a.m. Tuesday morning.

She went outside to find the massive snake in her yard.

“I was terrified,” Horstdaniel said. “I got my husband out of bed. He’s out there in his underwear with his gun.”

They feared that his handgun wouldn’t be enough to stop the massive creature, so Horstdaniel called her father-in-law who killed the snake with two blasts of a shotgun.

Pythons are not native to the area, but people can buy them as pets. When they get too big to handle, some owners release them into the wild, a Missouri Department of Conservation official told KTVI.

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