A Philadelphia Department of Veterans Affairs psychiatrist has apologized after telling a gun rights supporter to "off yourself, please."

The Facebook comment by Dr. Gregg Gorton was posted in response to someone writing about their opposition to gun control.

"I am all for gun control," the post stated. "If there is a gun in the room, I want to be in control of it."

Gorton then responded, "off yourself, please," and later deleted the comment. 

Gorton, who works in suicide prevention as part of his job at the VA, apologized, saying the comment was meant to be sarcastic. 

"It's just one of those moments you'd rather take back in your life," he told AP. "I've worked 30 years to treat psychiatric patients. I teach about suicide prevention. That's not me."

Gorton said the Philly VA, which called the comment "totally inappropriate," is reviewing his employment. 

Fox News legal analyst Peter Johnson Jr. reacted this morning, highlighting the fact that an estimated 8,000 veterans commit suicide in the U.S. each year.

Johnson Jr. recalled how Fox News has covered the heartbreaking stories of veterans who took their own lives after not getting care from the VA. 

"This is another wake-up call for America," he said.

Watch the segment above.

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