Karl Rove joined Greta Van Susteren tonight to discuss new polls that have Donald Trump leading the Republican presidential hopefuls.

Rove pointed out that a Quinnipiac University poll has Trump out in front with 20 percent, compared to Scott Walker's 13 percent, which is obviously good news for Trump.

However, Rove said, that poll also has some bad news. It has Trump behind Hillary Clinton 48 percent to 36 percent, Bernie Sanders 45 to 37 and Joe Biden 49 to 37.

"He might lead the Republican pack, but right now in the same poll, he is getting walloped by all three Democrats," Rove said, noting that Scott Walker and Jeb Bush, on the other hand, are either tied with or beating Clinton, Sanders and Biden.

Not only that, but Trump's favorable/unfavorable rating is the worst among all candidates at 27 percent and 59 percent, respectively. Additionally, 33 percent of those polled agreed that he's honest and trustworthy, while 58 percent disagreed. And 31 percent agreed that he cares about the needs and problems of everyday Americans, while 61 percent disagreed.

Rove said this makes it clear that Trump has a higher floor and a lower ceiling than his fellow GOP contenders.

"This is going to be one exciting election, and he is part of the excitement and part of the entertainment," Rove said.

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