On "The Five" today, Greg Gutfeld reacted to New York City restaurants being slapped with unnecessary, excessive fines.

Gutfeld noted that one restaurant owner was fined $5,000 by the New York City Commission on Human Rights for placing an ad for a "waitress," because it allegedly discriminated against men.

He added that an Indian cafe was fined thousands for trying to hire an "experienced Indian" server.

"God forbid an Indian joint wants someone who knows the cuisine," Gutfeld said.

He asserted that an ad that said "only homeless need apply" would be unlikely to result in a fine, whereas "no homeless apply" would surely invite a massive fine.

"For as bureaucrats use language to punish the lawful, they use tolerance to coddle the troubled," Gutfeld stated.

He said that it's a greedy cycle in which human rights commissions fine citizens, in order to pay their own salaries, so they can employ more human rights commissions.

"It's a bounty system where the prizes are business owners' heads," Gutfeld said. "That's human rights in today's New York and perhaps tomorrow's America."

Watch Gutfeld's monologue and "The Five" co-hosts' reactions above.

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