Is this BurqaGate?

Gisele Bundchen and her sister donned burqas — during the holy month of Ramadan — so they could get secret plastic surgery in Paris, according to reports.

The supermodel allegedly got work done on her breasts and eyes at the famed International Clinique du Parc Monceau.

The New York Post reported that the surgery was a 35th birthday and post-retirement present to herself.

Bundchen, who is married to NFL superstar Tom Brady, is feeling a burqa backlash and has been accused of mocking Islam with the disguise.

"She’s not doing it for Islam. This is very bad," Imam Muhammad Abdullah Kamal Al-Azhari, of the Astoria Islamic Center in Queens, N.Y., said. "She’s wearing a holy thing for a bad purpose."

Additionally, France has banned the wearing of burqas in public spaces since 2010, so many French citizens are also upset with Bundchen.

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