David Daleiden, the man behind the campaign that is exposing Planned Parenthood's unethical behavior, told Sean Hannity that a temporary restraining order from a court in California was too limited to block today's release of a fourth shocking undercover video.

Daleiden said the new video from the Center for Medical Progress reveals the coordinated cover-up that's going on at Planned Parenthood.

"They try to get away from the fact that they're selling the body parts of aborted babies - and that that's illegal," Daleiden said.

He added that Dr. Savita Ginde, the vice president and medical director of Planned Parenthood Rocky Mountains, doesn't ever say she's concerned about following the law in the video.

"You hear her say that she's concerned about not getting caught and about not getting called on selling body parts."

Watch the "Hannity" clip above and see the shocking fourth video below (Warning: graphic content).

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