Bill O’Reilly tonight called President Barack Obama’s silence on the Planned Parenthood scandal “insulting and dangerous.”

A new undercover video released today shows a doctor describing the harvesting of fetal body parts – sometimes more than halfway through a pregnancy. “The Factor” host said that we don’t have a justice system in America if this video is not enough to make the Justice Department take action.

“The silence from the president and attorney general is insulting and dangerous,” he added. “Are you people in Washington going to respect the law or not?”

O’Reilly also took issue with Nancy Pelosi for supporting the “anarchy” of sanctuary cities and rejecting Kate’s Law.

“If we disobey the law, we’re punished, but Nancy Pelosi doesn’t have to obey federal immigration law, and she’s a member of Congress? Does that sound like justice to you?” he asked.

“The Factor” host remarked that sanctuary cities “arrogantly disobey the law” while Planned Parenthood is “trafficking in baby parts on the taxpayer dime.”

“What kind of country is this?” he asked.

Watch the full Talking Points Memo above.

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