Fox News legal analyst Peter Johnson Jr. remembered the four Marines and one Navy sailor who were killed in the Chattanooga attack earlier this month. 

One day after 40-year-old Marine Gunnery Sgt. Thomas Sullivan was laid to rest in Massachusetts, Johnson recalled his heroic final actions and called on the Obama administration to award these men Purple Hearts. 

A bipartisan House resolution has been introduced to label the shootings as a terror attack and make the victims eligible for the high honor.

When the Chattanooga gunman, Mohammed Abdulazeez, opened fire on the recruiting center, Sullivan and another sergeant moved toward a warehouse to help trapped Marines. 

Sullivan helped more than a dozen men over a fence to safety, but was fatally shot. 

Johnson said it's clear that Sullivan "died in the line of duty," protecting his brothers from a homegrown terrorist. 

"The cowardice of a terrorist and the courage of a Marine met head-on and duty, honor, and country were not enough for 'Gunny' Tommy Sullivan to overcome the insurmountable odds of an armed enemy combatant," said Johnson. 

But Johnson said he worries that the "call-it-anything-but-terror White House" will do the same thing they did after the Fort Hood terror attack.

It took six years for the Fort Hood victims to be given Purple Hearts because the administration long considered the attack to be an instance of workplace violence.

He said the administration will now have to admit that the men who died in Tennessee were "needless victims of the weakly-fought war on terror that are afraid to declare."

"What kind of country have we become when we play weasel word games about our fallen heroes because we're afraid to admit the unthinkable?" he asked.

"A Purple Heart will not return the dead to the living. But it will say loudly and clearly that a president is proud of and thankful for their sacrifice. In life, our Marines acted with honor. In death, they deserve the absolute same," said Johnson. 

Johnson said he has reviewed the law and believes Purple Hearts can be given even if the FBI does not specifically link the attack to a foreign terrorist organization.

Watch his full "2 Minutes of Truth" below.