Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry said on "Hannity" last night that he doesn't have a beef with Donald Trump, except for Trump's comments about John McCain's war record.

"When he took a shot at John McCain, the bullet went through John McCain and hit my friends who have served and worn the uniform, including myself," Perry said. "That was uncalled for."

Perry said that he believes Trump would be wise to issue a formal apology to all service members, particularly POWs, for his controversial remarks.

The former Texas governor added that he hopes Trump focuses on solutions, not attacking his fellow Republicans.

He said that no candidate, including Trump, knows as much about preventing illegal immigration and ensuring border security as he does.

"I know how to secure the border," he said this morning on "Fox and Friends."

He also recalled how he told President Barack Obama that if the federal government didn't secure the Texas border, Perry would do it himself.

“We've gotta have a leader that understands the Constitution means what it says, that it enumerates having a strong military and having a secure border," he said.

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