The mothers of two teenage boys who disappeared while fishing off the coast of Florida spoke out "On The Record" tonight.

Rescue crews have been searching for Perry Cohen and Austin Stephanos - both 14 years old - for six days.

"It's a minute-to-minute struggle," Stephanos' mother, Carly Black, told Griff Jenkins. "We're here for each other, and we have amazing strength coming from all angles at us to help us."

Cohen's mother, Pamela Cohen, said their hope comes from their belief in their sons' abilities and strengths.

"They're still out there. We just have to find them," Black said. "And they're going to have an amazing adventure to tell us about."

Watch more from "On The Record" above and visit the GoFundMe page that has been set up to fund private aircraft, boat fuel and any other additional resources needed for the immediate recovery of the missing boys.

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