Andrea Tantaros and Jehmu Greene joined Bill O'Reilly on "The Factor" tonight to react to a video of a reporter who was threatened at a "Black Lives Matter" conference.

"This is par for the course," Tantaros said. "These far-left groups take whatever tactic they need to bully and intimidate to get their points across."

She added that if this occurred at a conference involving any right-wing group, this would be a huge story.

"If you look at the incidences where you've seen rioting and things happening, it's black leaders - Democrats, like in Baltimore and in a lot of these cities - that are responsible for these incidences," Tantaros said. "It sends a message that I think is very important: That black lives matter, just not in Democratic cities."

She noted that black-on-black violence and the death toll among young black males in Chicago, for example, are both through the roof.

Greene agreed that the activists' tactics of keeping reporters out is wrong, but said she understands why they're angry.

"They want more action," Greene said. "They want more action from the police. They want more action from the candidates."

Watch the "Factor" clip above and see the video from the "Black Lives Matter" conference below.

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