The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating after a plane almost ran out of fuel before landing at a North Dakota airport that had been temporarily closed.

An Allegiant Air plane carrying 144 passengers left Las Vegas late and missed its scheduled landing time.

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Hector International Airport in Fargo had closed for Blue Angels practice when an air traffic controller got a call from the plane’s pilot, who said, “We’re on Bingo fuel here in about probably three to four minutes.”

The air traffic controller said that the pilot could land in 20 minutes, but the pilot said, “I don’t have 20 minutes.”

The Associated Press reported:

In a statement emailed to The Associated Press, Allegiant did not say whether it knew about the temporary closure at the Fargo airport.

"At this time, we are coordinating with the FAA and the airport to investigate all channels of communication regarding the flight and the circumstances leading to the declaration of emergency," the Las Vegas-based airline said.

The airline, a subsidiary of Allegiant Travel Co., focuses on flying from smaller airports to vacation destinations such as Las Vegas and Orlando, Florida.

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