Two years and almost 2,000 miles later, an Arizona family got their beloved dog back. 

On "Fox and Friends," we met Rocky, a very well-traveled Boxer, who went missing two years ago from his Mesa home when he darted out the front door. 

His owner, Brittany Romero, said she had long ago given up hope of ever seeing the pooch again, but then she got an unexpected voice mail from an Indiana rescue organization.

"I just jumped right out of bed. I was shocked," said 

It's unclear how Rocky spent his two years or how he got all the way across the country.

All Romero knows is that a woman named Amanda took him to the vet in Elkhart, Indiana.

Since Rocky had been micro-chipped, a worker discovered that he had gone missing in Arizona in 2013.

It then took a network of rescue volunteers all working together to drive Rocky on a 26-leg journey back to Mesa.

Romero explained that Rocky was her son Aden's best friend and that he was heartbroken when Rocky ran away.

"He was the happiest kid ever [when Rocky got home]. He just wanted to hug him all over," she said.

Watch the interview above.