For most people, the thought of completing just one Ironman triathlon - a grueling combination of running, swimming and biking - is a daunting one. 

Now imagine doing 50 of them... in all 50 states ... in 50 days! 

Jenna Lee introduced us to the man who set a new world record by pulling off this unimaginable feat over the weekend. 

James Lawrence, dubbed the "Iron Cowboy," finished his 50th race in Lehi, Utah on Saturday, swimming 2.4 miles, biking 112 miles, and then running 26.2 miles.

His wife and five children were there with him for the entire trek in an RV.

"They loved it. I mean, my wife worked really hard. The kids got to play. My wife's a saint," he joked. 

Lawrence said he basically charted out his own Ironman course at each stop, but he invited community members across the country to join him.

Lawrence said the "coolest thing" was the support he was shown along the way, adding that he was almost never alone as he completed his triathlons each day in a new state. 

He said he wanted to highlight the problem of childhood obesity in America and show people what "real food" can do. 

Lawrence recalled that logistics were a big obstacle, especially kicking it off with triathlons on consecutive days in Hawaii, Alaska and Washington.

"I got a total of 7.5 hours of sleep through the first three Ironmans because of the domestic [flights]," he said. 

When he finished each night, he'd eat and then get in the RV to drive to the next stop.

At one point, during his bike ride in Tennessee in 106-degree weather, Lawrence said he actually fell asleep mid-pedal. 

"On those aero bikes, you just kind of settle in. My heart rate was so low because I was conditioned to do so. Yeah, I fell asleep and found out that the asphalt is a horrible alarm clock."

He said during the last 20 states, he could feel his body getting stronger and he posted his fastest time in his final Ironman in Utah.

Lawrence said his overall message to people is to "never doubt what you think is possible and never let anybody tell you what's possible."

Watch the full interview above and check out photos from the incredible journey on his Facebook page.