On "The Five" today, Greg Gutfeld noted that the New York Magazine cover featuring dozens of Bill Cosby's accusers is receiving lots of press and is sure to win awards.

He pointed out that, on the other hand, the Planned Parenthood scandal was covered by the media in a breezy fashion.

"Aren't these videos doing the same exact thing as that cover for New York [Magazine]: Forcing a population to look squarely at previously hidden victims?" Gutfeld asked. "Why is the Cosby story lauded as heroic, but these baby videos aren't?"

"Planned Parenthood is now saying dismemberment is 'her choice' too," Gutfeld stated.

He asserted that the media focuses on the Cosby story because the guilty party in that scandal is clearly Cosby himself.

"The guilty in the Planned Parenthood story is humanity," Gutfeld stated. "Not only does the story remind you of the ambivalence of evil, but your role in its execution."

"And, perhaps more important, it's an evil you win no trophy for covering."

Watch Gutfeld's monologue and "The Five" co-hosts' reactions above.

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