In his Talking Points Memo tonight, Bill O'Reilly weighed in on the Planned Parenthood scandal and wondered if America is becoming barbaric.

He pointed to a new undercover sting video from the Center for Medical Progress, which shows Dr. Savita Ginde, the medical director for Planned Parenthood in Colorado, talking about selling the body parts of a fetus aborted after nearly 12 weeks.

O'Reilly said there is no question that "big money" is involved in the harvesting and selling of these body parts.

"There comes a point where Americans have to decide what kind of country they can tolerate," O'Reilly stated. "Whether you're pro-choice or pro-life, the undercover videos showing Planned Parenthood bargaining over the price of dead babies before they are even extracted from the womb is grisly beyond belief."

The "Factor" host said he's appalled by the lack of leadership in America and the apathy on the part of many individual Americans.

"We must get involved and at least suspend tax payments to Planned Parenthood until a federal investigation is completed," O'Reilly said. "If Congress does not do that, we can then rightly be criticized by countries like Iran and Russia as being a barbaric nation. We lose all moral authority in the world."

Watch the full Talking Points Memo above and the disturbing undercover video below.

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