As the streets of New York City grow increasingly chaotic under Mayor Bill de Blasio, Jesse Watters asked citizens in the Big Apple about their quality of life.

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What do you think of the explosion of homelessness?

"It's awful. A lot of people are noticing it, and people are placing the blame on the mayor."

There's a homeless surge taking place in the neighborhood.

"The mayor is totally to blame. The guy at the top sets the tone."

Do you ever feel unsafe?

"Yes, actually I have a couple of times."

What do you think of the mayor?

"He's not doing [anything] for the city. I don't know why people voted for him."

Do you think the mayor is a hypocrite?

"I absolutely do."

Why do you think the mayor has been so soft at dealing with quality of life crimes?

"His ideology."

Do the police ever come around?

"They can't do anything."

What would you tell Mayor de Blasio?

"I'm not happy [with] the way the city's being run right now. It was great with Giuliani."

Watch the full Watters' World clip above to see Jesse's run-in with the man the New York Post caught urinating in the middle of the street.

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