Fox News strategic analyst Lt. Col. Ralph Peters (Ret.) reacted to President Obama's latest defense of the Iran nuclear deal, accusing the president of putting out "propaganda."

At a press conference in Ethiopia this morning, Obama said he has not yet heard a "factual argument on the other side that holds up to scrutiny."

"There's a reason why 99 percent of the world thinks this is a good deal. It's because it's a good deal," said Obama. 

Peters reacted by arguing that Obama is "always on the attack" with no regard for facts, and could have done very well in advertising.  

"It's a tragedy for America that President Obama ended up at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue rather than Madison Avenue. The guy is a born pitchman, a natural-born propagandist," said Peters.

Peters said the president is the one who is disregarding facts, arguing that critics are opposing the deal based on "facts that we know," like Iran's current and past behavior and actual statements of Iran's leaders.

He said Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry are indulging in "wishful thinking" and "fantasies" about what Iran will do in a perfect world.

Stuart Varney predicted that Iran will start to cheat on the deal when the next U.S. president takes office. Peters said he believes the mullahs will begin to cheat while Obama is still in office. 

But he said the biggest foreign policy test for the next president will come from Russian President Vladimir Putin, not Iran.

"The first real test is gonna be Putin screwing around with the Baltics, a provocation in the Baltics, to see if we're still as weak as we had been under President Obama," he said.

Watch Peters' analysis from "Varney & Co."