A Maryland man could face up to four years in the slammer in connection with a long-running feud with his neighbor. 

For the last five years, Socrates Kondilis and George Buckland have clashed numerous times as neighbors in Silver Spring. 

Kondilis has been accused of hurling stones at Buckland, bulldozing his fence, and even reportedly threatened to shoot the man.

WTTG reported:

"They have been putting up with an unbelievable amount of nightmares to include fences ripped down, oil in pools, broken windshields, threats to animals.  It's been just a nightmare," said Montgomery County Sheriff Darren Popkin [of Kondilis.]

The Buckland family has documented their run-ins with Kondilis, including the time they said he used his van to block their Springloch Road driveway when friends were visiting.

"This is a man who deserves to go to jail.  We're going to ask for him to go to jail.  And he's going to be removed from the community. And he may even need some mental health treatment," said Montgomery County State's Attorney John McCarthy.

Kondilis' wife, Maria, said the real troublemaker is Buckland.

"This guy, he's given me heart problems for me and for my husband and for my kids," said Maria Kondilis.

Kondilis was convicted of perjury and obstruction of justice after he provided the court a forged document showing he had completed an anger management class.

He is being held without bond before his sentencing in September. 

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